Ultrasound Fat Cavitation

Ultrasound fat cavitation is a great way to address stubborn fat and problem areas. For maximum results, and for long overall health, it's important to combine your Ultrasound Fat Cavitation treatment with home care and after care that supports your body to look good and feel great.  



















Treatment Frequency


The body requires 3 days to eliminate the fat and toxins after a treatment; hence treatment intervals also need to reflect this, with a maximum of 40 minutes per treatment.


On average, most clients require 6 - 10 treatments to achieve best possible results.



The Importance of Hydration


To ensure your body responds well to Ultrasound Cavitation, at least 2 litres of water should be consumed over a 24 hour period prior to the treatment. It is essential to stagger water consumption over this period to ensure your body is well hydrated.














  • Tip:  Make sure your skin is hydrated externally as well!


You treatment clinician can also provide you with topical hydrating options as part of your treatment plan.


The Detoxification Process


The release of energy into your body through Ultrasound Cavitation can also release any toxins stored in the fat, which will naturally filter out of your system following treatment.


To assist the detoxification process, 1.5 litres of water should be consumed within the 24 hours post treatment.


Lymphatic drainage, a circulatory system enhancing form of massage, will also help release toxins from the body. Ask your treatment clinician for information on the lymphatic drainage services they offer as part of their treatment plan.


You can also assist your body flush toxin following treatment with the use of saunas, detox boxes and vibra machines.



The Role of Diet & Exercise


To achieve optimal results a low calorie, low carbohydrate, low fat and low sugar diet 24hrs pre and post treatment will ensure your body utilizes the triglycerides released by the fat cavitation process.


Healthy eating plans, recipes and guides that adhere to the low calorie, low carbohydrate, low fat and low sugar diet required 24 hours pre and post treatment are available for free from www.atkins.com.


A minimum of 20 minutes of elevated heart rate cardio exercise is required immediately following your treatment to ensure the stored energy released by the cavitation process is burnt off.












While ultrasound fat cavitation is a great tool to help to contour your body through the emulsification of fat, it will not compensate for a healthy and active lifestyle.


For some great guidelines on nutrition and exercise, along with some tips for a healthy lifestyle, visit the Australian Government Department of Health website for Healthy Weight:







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